Take a Sightseeing Trip Around Galle and the Dutch Galle Fort


Galle is a city with Millenia of history, with the Galle Dutch Fort (A World Heritage Site) as its crowning jewel

Galle is a City that lies 130kks away from the capital Colombo and is situated on the Country’s Southern coastline. The general Galle area is split up into two main components, which are the Galle Fort and the beach stretch leading out to Matara.

Galle has been a hotspot for international visitors for centuries. Galle is a natural seaport which has long attracted foreign nations for millennia, maybe even more;  and since the 16th century and it has been under the control of several countries, namely the Portuguese, Dutch, and British; as a result, we can see their influence over the town through its architecture. Our Galle City Tour is specially designed to capture everything that Galle has to offer so you will get the best experience of Galle during your stay.

The Galle Fort

The Galle Fort is the main attraction in Galle it is a remnant of the Dutch occupation of Galle during the 17th century. The entire fort is a small town enclosed in a fortified stronghold overlooking the Galle harbor. The entire fort holds the colonial architecture intact and it gives the visitor a feeling that you have been transferred 300 into the past.

The immense fort ramparts that surround the city are certainly the highlight of the fort. Parts of it face the sweeping Indian Ocean while the rest face the extended Galle town. As a result, there are great scenic vantage points all over the fort that will take your breath away.

There are multiple amazing landmarks splattered all over the fort. The Galle Lighthouse is one of the most iconic and most noteworthy of them all. It is 92 feet high white structure and is situated at the Point Utrecht Bastion overlooking the Galle harbor helping ships find their way inside. The original wooden one burnt to the ground back in 1936 and the British administration rebuilt it in 1939. It is a highly popular picture spot in Galle.

The Dutch Reformed Church is another such famous tourist destination. It is located on Church Street next to the Commandment Bastion. It was built in 1640 during the Dutch period by Commander Casparus de Jong and his wife. The place is a hotbed for Dutch colonial architecture with checkerboard stained glass windows, the ancient pulpit, and the gravestone relics which all add to the aura of the location. As a result, the entire site is littered with building that you will want to visit.


Other Locations Near The Town

Unawatuna is a small town that lies around 5kms South of Galle along the Southern Highway. It is world-famous for the array of beaches that lit along its coast. Hence it is a very popular destination among tourists for a number of decades. With its soft fine sands, it is an amazing beach to lie down on, walk on and enjoy the surf. Furthermore, there are plenty of bars and restaurants and hotels surrounding the town so guests are sure to find a place to their liking. There are fun activities such as boat rides, snorkeling, and scuba diving available all around Unawatuna.

The Japanese Peace Pagoda lies on a rocky outcrop situated right across the harbor from the Galle Fort. It is built according to Japanese architecture and stands a stark contrast to the normal temples you see in Sri Lanka. The view of the harbor from this vantage point is spectacular as well.

Mirissa is another town that lies between Galle and Matara and hosts some nice beaches of its own. It has never been thought of as a tourist hotspot until recently when it was found that its coasts are ideal for whale and dolphin watching. Blue whales, Sperm whales, and Spinner Dolphins are supposed to be found in abundance here.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other things to do along the coastline on either side of Galle. Watching the stilt fishermen doing their thing, visiting the turtle conservation sites and helping them out, or just enjoying the beautiful corralled beaches. There is no end of things to keep you occupied in Galle. Our Galle City Tour will certainly make sure that you will not miss any of these highlights.

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