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Sri Lanka is a small tropical island located in the middle of the Indian Ocean just a hair’s breadth away from India’s west Coast. The country is such a unique place not just because of its history or culture, but because of the amount of diverse landscapes and things to do that comes with it, which is packed into such a small land area.
Sri Lanka was named as the Top Travel Destination in the world in 2019 by Lonely Planet travel guide and there is a reason why so many travelers flock to this island nation.

Because it is an Island it is blessed with some beautiful white sandy beaches that encircle it and since it is a tropical island the weather always remains favorable for you to enjoy the beaches as well. With over 2 millennia of history, you can witness a grand scale cultural content and heritage within the country. 8 UNESCO world heritage sites being situated within the country, is the best proof of this.
Due to the outside influences, from various parts of the world, faced by the country the Sri Lankan population is made up of people from various ethnicities and religions. Sinhalese are the main ethnic group in the country while the Tamils are the second largest while the Muslims and Burghers make up the other two main communities.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Sri Lanka may be a small country but the amount of things & experiences that you can find in this small piece of land will overwhelm you. The physical diversity itself is mind-boggling. From amazing sandy beaches to amazing wildlife parks, from cold mountain tops to arid salt lake flats, from green tea plantations to amazing marine wildlife; all of these can be found within a couple of hours journey.
There are quite a few places on the island to enjoy some amazing wildlife. There are many wildlife sanctuaries that you can see animals such as Elephants, Leopards & Sloth bears. You can also find bird sanctuaries that are home to Sri Lankan birds as well as migratory bird species. The seas around the island are home to some amazing marine life such as blue whales and dolphins as well.

Enjoy Sri Lanka At Your Hearts Content

The Sri Lankan cuisine is filled with a variety of spices and flavors that will overwhelm your senses. There various different dishes originating from all around the country and there are some left behind from colonial days. This all adds up to a savory sensation for your taste buds.
As a tourist, you can leave with suitcases worth of stuff on your way home. And it’s not just souvenirs.
There are things like local hand loomed garments, batiks, handicrafts, gems and jewelry, fresh local produce, the famous Ceylon tea, etc. the options are endless.

Sri Lanka has been known to be a place where you can relax and unwind. This has been mostly due to the many different ways to restore and reenergize the mind and body that has been handed down generation to generation in the country. The Ayurvedic medicine and Spas plus the yoga relaxation methods have been trusted treatments to weary minds and bodies.
With its Buddhist culture the country offers a great opportunity for people who come looking for spiritual enlightenment. With meditation and Buddhist teachings people can easily find the inner peace that they are looking for. This is why some visitors from abroad return to Sri Lanka every year so that keep that connection alive.County’s

Sri Lanka General Information / Fact Sheet

Capital : Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.
Commercial center : Colombo.
Area : 65,606 sq kms (25,322 sq miles).
Dialing code : +94.
President : Mr. Maithripala Sirisena.
Prime minister : Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe.
Official languages : Sinhala, Tamil. English is widely used and understood in tourist areas.
Religion : Buddhism (69%), Hinduism (16%), Islam (8%), Christianity (7%).
Population : 21.4 million.
Time : Sri Lanka is 5.30 hours ahead of Greenwich Time (GMT +05.30).
International Airport : Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake (34km north of Colombo).
Currency : Sri Lankan Rupee (one Rupee = 100 Cents).
Exchange Rate : Approx. SL Rs. 130 = $1 USD.
Highest Water Fall : Bambarakanda – 241 meters.
Highest Peak : Pidurutalagala – 2524 meters.
Longer River : Mahaweli – 335 Km.


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