Take a tour of the sights, sounds and landmarks of Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital city with over a 100 years of history


Sri Lanka's capital of Colombo is a fascinating reflection of the contrasts that define the country.

Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and the country’s economic never center. It is situated on the western coast of the country and lies about 30kms South of Katunayaka, Sri Lanka’s primary airport. Even though it might be more of a commercial-centric city there are a number of locations that a visiting tourist would be interested in.

Colombo has a rich history that spans over 2000 years. Because of its strategic location as a seaport, it attracted traders from Rome, Persia, China, and Arabia and it was used as a main city of administration by the Portuguese, Dutch and British during the colonial period. After Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948 Colombo automatically turned into the capital city. Because of this, there are a lot of old and new attractions on offer.

A Tuk Tuk Tour of the Colombo City

Where ever you want to visit the best way to enjoy Colombo city is by a Tuk Tuk trishaw ride. These little transportation marvels are capable of zipping through traffic and getting you to your destination very quickly.

One of the main tourist attractions in Colombo is the Gangaramaya Buddhist temple. It is situated on the edge of Beira Lake and is a place that is built using worldwide Buddhist architecture concepts as well as modern concepts creating an atmosphere of fusion. The Seemamalakaya built over the lake has an awesome view overlooking the Colombo Cityscape and is a popular photo location.
The Wolvendaal Church is another religious icon that you should not miss. With over a 360-year history, it is probably the oldest Dutch Reformed Church in the country. It is chock full of tombstones of Dutch governors who dies during the colonial occupation and one can wander through the church for hours admiring the old architecture.

Pettah is the proverbial city street bazaar that you can find in a capital city. A bit more established than just a mere street bazaar, Pettah consists of a crisscrossing of busy streets consisting of shops and street vendors selling everything from sweets to designer shoes to large electronics. You can walk along the streets aimlessly never passing the same spot twice taking in the sights sound and activities. A tuk-tuk ride in Pettah can be a video game-like experience with the vehicle dodging and weaving through the traffic in packed streets.


The Town Center

Colombo does not have an official town center, If Colombo did, it would be the area surrounding the city municipal council. The Town Hall itself, situated in Colombo 7, is a historical landmark in itself. Built in 1928 by the then British Governor Sir Herbert Stanley it was built to mimic the US Capitol building. To this day it has housed all administrative activities of the Colombo town.

Also, directly across from the Townhall lies one of the most beautiful landmarks of Colombo, the Viharamahadevi Park. Named after a famed Sri Lankan queen the park spreads over a 53-acre piece of land. With sprawling trees, lawns, and waterworks, the park offers great recreational activities to the city populace.

A few hundred meters from the park you can find another landmark, the national museum of Sri Lanka. Established in 1877 by Sir William Henry Gregory the then British Governor of Ceylon, it houses countless treasures of Sri Lanka’s history; including the ancient relics from cities like Anuradhapura to the gold-encrusted throne of Sri Lanka’s last king. For a visitor who likes his dash of history, this is an amazing place to spend the day.

The Independence Square is a landmark that cannot be missed by any tourist visiting Sri Lanka. Built to celebrate the gaining of independence back in 1948, it still stands today as a resolute monument honoring the epic struggle that took to achieve it. Our Colombo City Sightseeing Tour will make sure you experience everything that Colombo has to offer.

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